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Attractions | Shopping mall

Most cost-effective mode
Extreme imagination
Self-management Easy Operation, Everyone can do it.
The most cost-effective business

Look for a leisure place with low rent. Others don’t know how to use such a place. But you can, because you have our ponies. It is best facility for the business.
Now, rent the place with low cost, the profitable project starts!
You will find different people come to your place together to ride  ponies.
Horse racing on the Square!!! Wow, so amazing!!!
Extreme imagination

A suitable place, several ponies, let’s start making money!!! Is it really unimaginable?
It is a kind of easiest rental business. Use all your imagination into operation, it’s totally running under your will. No need to operate it every day, you could select the suitable season and time for operation, just like a kind of entertainment.
Everyone could be boss

Low investment, simple operation, easy making money, everyone could be their own boss. What are you waiting for? Join the riding adventures now!
Have a nice day with PonyCycle facility

Don’t worry about the place limitation, where children gather, where is your market. They could keep you busy. The little square around residential area is a good choice.