Till now, we have developed to 5th generation and improved all aspects over 100 times to guarantee the quality. We are in cooperation with 89 countries. We continue to participate in international exhibitions so that more people know PonyCycle toys .We are committed to providing better products and  services for all users.
2008 was a transition year for the company, We registered the trademark 'PonyCycle' and began to try to export to foreign market that year, We made productive success American and European markets.
In 2007, the whole world began to know "PonyCyle" under our cooperation with Alibaba by expanding the business all over the world.
In 2006, the company's products have been updated to the fourth generation, and PonyCyle people have more enthusiastic.
In 2005, the company launched the entertainment market - amusement ride equipment, it is more strong and durable than children's toy products.
In 2004, the company developed a second-generation product, both the performance and appearance improved on users’ likes
In 2003, we hope more children can ride this magic ponies all over the world, DALIAN PONY TOY CO.,LTD has been established in 2003 to specially produce this mechanical horse only.
In 1995, our old director - Mr. Nie invented a mechanical horse for his grandson according to the prototype of the woode-ox of the " Three Kingdoms".
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