Non-power riding toy, you absolutely never see this special toy before, they are no need any power and batteries, but can walk like a real horse, do you imagine how miraculous the toys are?

Maybe you only knew it from ancient stories, but we, Dalian Pony Toy Company, already made the old story come true. In 1995, our retired director planned to design one kind of riding toy for his grandson. In fact, no one exactly knows the walking principle of riding facility before, which originated from” Three Kingdoms” era 1800 years ago. After reading history data about “PonyCycle”, our old director found it that the fundamental principle based on push-pull rod, the original power from human motion, from then on, he repeated studies and improvements, and finally, he invented the magic riding toy “PonyCycle” after hundreds of failure. Making all the kids have opportunity to enjoy the riding fun from the fantastic toy now.

After successfully invention of the innovative toy, “PonyCycle” riding on toy was started mass production, and received popular acclaim in the market. Our final goal is offering the golden quality to the customers all the time.
We never stopped improving our design & quality in the past 10 years and launching new generation products gradually.
The current products is already our 5th generation products after approximate hundred minor improvements.
At the moment, we have owned mature technology, stable product performance , and developed an effective quality control system & perfect after-sales service system. The strict implementation of international toy safety standards effectively executed during production.

Till now, our products have passed the European EN-71, CE, AZO U.S. ASTM-963 and other international safety standard. Our market has covered dozens of countries and regions in Europe, America, Asia, Australia, Africa, Middle East and other areas.
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